La orden del Rey


El viejo rey ordenó a la bruja que hiciera algo para que su voz volviera a retumbar por los muros de palacio, para que sus súbditos le volvieran a mirar con cariño y las mujeres le tuvieran entre sus brazos una vez más. La bruja le miró y en un, dos, tres… le volvió bebé.



Minicuento publicado por juguettos en su catálogo de navidad 2011



18 thoughts on “La orden del Rey”

  1. Dragon Shiya fame has been a long time, it is important to. He had been a free cultivators, otherwise Shen magic wouldn’t to him said so much magic Shen proposed conditions although very simple, but he is very clear, for a emperor class peak bottleneck trapped don’t know how many years of the emperor of heaven, breaking the gods induced a sense of how big

  2. Awareness of the fingers move, two six color light from the two black head swept over, will they cover black all apart, when see this on the 1st, on the 2nd of true dragon Shiya, even to his spirit of perseverance, also can not help poured smoke a gasp

  3. Early in the fear of the devil dragon, glittering had been in contact with the Zhou Weiqing, the breath of a strong level of God how can let two dragons do not pay attention to Zhou Weiqing will fear the Magic Dragon into the air, is also in the radiance of the behest of, if the fear of evil dragon in the sea, although they can easily beat him, but want to let it did not escape the opportunity can be is not easy, after all, and too obvious to the air is not the same though is still on the sea, but the sky but imperial dragon vein blessing will again let the fear of the devil dragon arrogant

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